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4 Famous African Celebrities Who Left The World Of Social Life to Follow Jesus

Many others have followed the same path since and in past few years we have seen three popular African celebrities who have cast their music and social lifestyle to embrace and accept the gospel of God with open arms.

In recent years, many celebrities have made the decision to get rid of their social lifestyle to give their lives to Christ and preach the gospel.

We will talk about just three popular celebrities who have accepted giving their lives to Jesus Christ in their social way of life doing the work and the gospel of God.

This change does not stop there only, they have also agreed to speak about the Lord Jesus Christ, and to preach his gospel to the whole world in order to put a good number of lost people on the right path.

1. Moesha Buduong

A popular Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Buduong became a new person recently. Moesha Buduong changed her social lifestyle and gave her life to Christ making her a new person totally transformed by the spirit of Almighty God.

According to the actress, God saved her from darkness and she will now preach the word of God. Moesha Buduong also changed her attire and started wearing outfits that look more decent and presentable.

2. Chidinma Ekile

Popular Nigerian singer and model, Chidinma Ekile is among the celebrities who gave up their social lifestyle to give her life to Christ.

In May 2021, Chidinma Ekile decided to let go of her social type of music that she has been singing for many years and returned to being a singer and gospel preacher again.

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Chidinma Ekile also changed her attire and started wearing outfits that look more decent and presentable. The young woman described her years of singing worldly songs as a waste. Chidinma Ekile is now a preacher of the gospel and an army for Christ.

3. Patrick Osagie Osakwe

Popular Nigerian songwriter and singer is popularly known as P Voo. According to the talented songwriter who dedicated his life to Christ said God asked him to convert for the salvation of his soul and to make sense of his career by glorifying God.

Patrick Osagie has now abandoned his social type of music to cope, and since then he has only made gospel songs for the glory of his Lord Jesus Christ.

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