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Remember the starving child who was rescued by a white woman? See recent photos of him.

starving African boy whose photo had gone viral has undergone an incredible transformation after a charity organisation provided him love, care and education. See HopeR 17;s pictures.

A woman who saved the life of a Nigerian child abandoned by his community. Anja and her husband were already parents to their own son, but the couple felt compelled to help little Hope who had little chance of survival on his own.

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The boy, about 2 at the time, stands on a dirt road, holding a piece of cracker in one hand, as Anja Ringgren Lovén, a Danish aid worker, gives him a sip of water from a plastic bottle. The boy had been homeless for months, skeletal, and nearly dead.

When she met hope he was very sick when they took him to the hospital his condition was critical and nobody believe he would lived, after several surgery and medical treatments hope was restored back to normal.

The organisation has been unable to track his family or relatives.

Despite the distressing start in life, Hope looks at his viral photograph with a smile as if he is proud, Anja said.

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